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Please do not hesitate to write us if you’re interested in reading draft papers.

  • Behrens, Singa: “No Guide to Ground: Right-making and Right-makers” (a reasons-based account of right-making and value-making relations)
  • Behrens, Singa: “First Things First: Why A Reason is Always Prior” (a defence of reasons fundamentalism against standard and hybrid forms of explanationism)
  • Kiesewetter, Benjamin: “What We May Expect of Each Other” (a reasons-based account of moral obligation)
  • Kiesewetter, Benjamin: “How to Be a Deontologist and Still Save the Greater Number” (a reasons-based defense of the duty to save the greater number)
  • Kiesewetter, Benjamin: “Epistemic Normativity Without Epistemic Teleology”
  • Ward, Shane: “When Factives Fail to be Factives” (argues that a recent defense of the non-factivity of 'reasons why' fails to vindicate the analysis of normative reasons to phi in terms of reasons why one ought to phi)
  • Ward, Shane: “Reasons, Virtue, and Knowledge”
  • Ward, Shane: “The Transitivity of Explanation and Explanationism about Reasons” (explores the transitivity objection to the view that normative reasons should be analyzed in terms of explanatory reasons)



ERC Grant “The Structure of Normativity”

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