The work programme of REASONS F1RST will be carried out in four sub-projects: (1) “Reasons and Value”; (2) “Reasons and Ought”; (3) “Reasons and Knowledge”; and (3) “Reasons and Fittingness”. Each of these sub-projects focuses on the relation between reasons and one other key normative category. Each of these categories stands for a field of normativity that a Reasons-First Approach has to account for in one way or another, and each has been put forward as an alternative candidate for a fundamental explanation of normativity. Moreover, each sub-project corresponds to one (and in one case more than one) philosophical subdiscipline. For the first three sub-projects, these are value theory, moral theory, and epistemology. The fourth sub-project touches upon aesthetics, moral psychology, the philosophy of mind, and epistemology in equal shares. REASONS F1RST will employ up to four researchers (on a doctoral or postdoctoral level), each of which will be responsible for conducting one of the sub-projects in collaboration with the PI.


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