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Call for Abstracts: Rights and Reasons

Workshop: Rights and Reasons Bielefeld University, 16–17 January 2025 Confirmed Speakers: Joseph Bowen (University of Leeds) Rowan Cruft (University of Stirling) Adina Preda (Trinity College Dublin) Laura Valentini (LMU, Munich) Ariel Zylberman (University at Albany, SUNY) Moral rights occupy a central place in contemporary moral theorizing. At the same time, a promising hypothesis in the theory of normativity is that normative phenomena (including moral phenomena) can be explained in terms of reasons, i.e., in terms of the factors that count in favour of actions or attitudes. The aim of this workshop is to investigate and discuss the relation between moral …
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Call for Abstracts: Normative Reasons, Explanation, and Grounding

Call for abstracts Workshop: Normative Reasons, Explanation, and Grounding Bielefeld University, 24-25 October 2024 Confirmed speakers: Selim Berker (Harvard) John Broome (Oxford) Stephanie Leary (McGill) Olle Risberg (Uppsala) Eva Schmidt (Dortmund) The concept of a normative reason is often taken to be one of the key concepts to understanding normativity. Normative reasons, i.e., the factors that count in favor of (or against) actions or attitudes, are distinguished from the very general class of explanatory reasons or reasons why something is the case. The relationship between normative and explanatory reasons is, however, a matter of controversial discussion in the theory of normative reasons. This debate …
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Workshop Announcement: Reasons in Ethics and Epistemology

Upcoming Workshop Speakers will be: Alexander Arridge (Oxford) Anne Meylan (Zurich) Thomas Schmidt (Humboldt) Mark Schroeder (Southern California) Registration deadline: 01 September 2023. Registration: normativity(at)uni-bielefeld(dot)de
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