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Call for Abstracts: Rights and Reasons

Workshop: Rights and Reasons Bielefeld University, 16–17 January 2025 Confirmed Speakers: Joseph Bowen (University of Leeds) Rowan Cruft (University of Stirling) Adina Preda (Trinity College Dublin) Laura Valentini (LMU, Munich) Ariel Zylberman (University at Albany, SUNY) Moral rights occupy a central place in contemporary moral theorizing. At the same time, a promising hypothesis in the theory of normativity is that normative phenomena (including moral phenomena) …
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Research Visit

From February to August 2024, Benjamin Kiesewetter is Research Scholar at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, collaborating with our cooperation partner George Tsai. 2024-02-08
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Call for Abstracts: Normative Reasons, Explanation, and Grounding

Call for abstracts Workshop: Normative Reasons, Explanation, and Grounding Bielefeld University, 24-25 October 2024 Confirmed speakers: Selim Berker (Harvard) John Broome (Oxford) Stephanie Leary (McGill) Olle Risberg (Uppsala) Eva Schmidt (Dortmund) The concept of a normative reason is often taken to be one of the key concepts to understanding normativity. Normative reasons, i.e., the factors that count in favor of (or against) actions or attitudes, are distinguished …
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Workshop: Reasons in Ethics and Epistemology

On October 5th 2023, we held a workshop with Alexander (Sasha) Arridge, Anne Meylan, Thomas Schmidt and Mark Schroeder. Click here to download the workshop programme.
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Welcome Alexander (Sasha) Arridge!

Alexander (Sasha) Arridge has started his DAAD funded visiting scholarship on October 1st, 2023. Welcome, Sasha!
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Welcome, Shane Ward!

Shane Ward has started his posdoctoral position within the project on October 1st, 2023. Welcome Shane!
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Welcome, Marie Wegener!

Marie Wegener has started her doctoral position within the project on October 1st, 2023. Welcome, Marie!
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Benjamin Kiesewetter and Alex Worsnip: “Structural Rationality”

Now published in The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. [PDF]
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Workshop Announcement: Reasons in Ethics and Epistemology

Upcoming Workshop Speakers will be: Alexander Arridge (Oxford) Anne Meylan (Zurich) Thomas Schmidt (Humboldt) Mark Schroeder (Southern California) Registration deadline: 01 September 2023. Registration: normativity(at)uni-bielefeld(dot)de
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Benjamin Kiesewetter: Review of “Fitting Things Together”, by Alex Worsnip

Now published in MIND: Preprint available for download here.
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Stefan Fischer: Moral obligations without moral reasons

Abstract: Proponents of the reasons-first approach typically emphasize a central virtue of their approach: the unification of all normative phenomena in terms of reasons. In this talk, I focus on moral obligation and present two challenges for the attempt to understand obligation in terms of reasons. My first challenge is methodological: In order to understand obligation and its features (e.g., its categoricity) in terms of reasons, …
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Benjamin Kiesewetter: “Egalitarian Justice as a Challenge for the Value-Based Theory of Practical Reasons”

In Value, Morality, and Social Reality: Essays dedicated to Dan Egonsson, Björn Petersson & Toni Ronnow-Rasmussen PDF available for download here.
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Postdoctoral position

The Faculty of History, Philosophy and Theology at Bielefeld University (Department of Philosophy) has the following job opening: Postdoctoral Position. The position - that will be filled subject to funding commitment - is based in the ERC research group 'REASONS F1RST – The Structure of Normativity' (PI: Benjamin Kiesewetter) and the successful candidate will be expected to take over project tasks, teaching load as well …
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Project Transfer

On March 1st, the project is transferred from Humboldt University to Bielefeld University.
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Project Start

The project starts at Humboldt University of Berlin.
ERC Grant “The Structure of Normativity”

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